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Hello world!

on September 27, 2011

What a great start for a blog!  “Hello World!” says it all.

I’ve been off work for two weeks now.  I’ve had pain in my right foot for months.  It escalated after my job changed to one where I stand on concrete floors for all of my shift.  After the past months of pain, I had my doctor pull me from work to rest it while I waited for my appointment with the specialist.

So, I’ve gone to see the specialist and the good news is that I have no fractures (which I had been worried about – why else would my foot hurt so bad?).  The bad news is that there appears to be nothing wrong with my foot.  So I am left wondering – what’s wrong with the darn thing?  I received a cortisone shot between the first two toes and now I feel as though I have something under those toes when I walk.  I guess that’s because I have something under them.

I was warned about wearing the appropriate footwear, the fact that as we age, our feet naturally widen, etc.  I was told it will be at least another 6 weeks before I can get back to using my treadmill.  (I’ve been missing it and feeling like I shouldn’t be eating at all to alleviate the weight gain I’m experiencing).  However, it was a rather painless visit.  The shot was mixed with a local anesthetic that made me loose the feeling in my toes for about 2 and half hours.  That part was nice.  It’s now been about 8 hours and my foot still hurts.  It’s quite uncomfortable to walk on.  I’m glad I’ve got until next week before I return to work.

When I started my leave of absence two weeks ago, I felt like the future was my oyster.  It seemed like I could do anything.  What I managed to do was catch up on my sleep.  On most days, it seems as though I could compete with my cats for the world record of napping.  I’ve logged more hours in this category than I planned on.  I have cleaned out two closets and gathered my donations for the goodwill.  I haven’t gotten those donations delivered yet, but I still have the rest of this week.  I keep looking at the bags and thinking “Hmmm.  I’ve got to load those in the trunk.”

So I’ve caught up on my sleep.  I’ve also watched at least 1 movie or several episodes of television shows each day.  I’ve also been reading a ton.  Currently I’m reading “The Well of Lost Plots” by Jasper Fforde.  When I’ve finished it, I’ll post my thoughts.  I’ve also picked up one of my cross stitch projects.  I had to get my home-office cleaned out a bit in order to feel like I could sit in there and relax in that room.  It’s not perfect, and probably never will be, but I can sit in my chair, put my feet up on the ottoman and just enjoy my room.

The only downside to all this time off is that my husband began working out of town the week before I started my leave and hasn’t been home all week, each week.  It really has been a little lonely.  I get to see him on the weekend, but it goes so quickly!  Hopefully this will end this week and we can both start next week back in our normal habit.  I have a terrible time getting myself up and out of the house on time without my husband to prod me a bit.


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