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Money Doesn’t Matter, So What Job Would I Hold?

on September 29, 2011

Wow!  I love to daydream about this all the time!

Well, if money wasn’t an object, I’d love to take a job in a bookstore.  Not a Barnes & Noble type bookstore, but a bookstore like Vroman’s.  Vroman’s is a reasonably-sized, independently owned bookstore in the Southern California area.  I’d love to work there.  How could anyone not enjoy being surrounded by great books and being able to wear casual clothing?  I imagine that I couldn’t possibly replace my current salary and benefits package with that of a indie bookstore job, but if money wasn’t a consideration, I’d love it!

If credentials weren’t a necessity either, my second choice would be to work as a librarian.  I’ve always loved libraries and I suspect it would be really rewarding.  I don’t really know why I think that when every person I’ve seen working in my local library looks harried or bored completely.  They also aren’t quite as friendly as I’d want to be.  I often think that they must get tired of answering the same questions from what must feel like a million people each day.

My final choice is more difficult.  Again, I’m going with the idea that I wouldn’t need credentials.  I think that being a book editor would be fascinating.  Not that I’m a overly smart person, but I think it would be great to guide writers to put forth their best work.

I guess that since money does matter, I’ll stick to my day job.  It feels like it’s getting harder and harder every time I turn around, and I rarely feel a sense that what I did matters, but after 18 years, I’m fairly well-situated there and don’t really want to start over somewhere else.

Wow, that’s not a glowing recommendation for what I spend 40 hours each week doing.  Instead, I’d like to concentrate on what I ate for dinner.  I LOVE mexican food and just down the street is a fantastic restaurant.  I rarely eat there because I know it’s not exactly healthy fare, but I decided to treat myself today.  I went over there at lunch and ordered a two item combo and some chips with guacamole to round it all out.  It was so much food that I had half for lunch and am now sitting down to the portion I didn’t eat earlier.  Yum.  I really love a good tasting meal.  I think I’ll save enough room for some ice cream later.

I think I’m feeling a little lonely today.  It’s been 4 days since I’ve seen my husband, also known as my “People”.  With him working out of town and me not working, I’ve gotten a little cut off from the outside world.  I’ve got the cats and they are loves, but it’s not the same.  However, I do try to remember that I’ve got nothing to complain about.  My poor husband has been living 5 days at a time in a hotel room that barely has enough space to stretch in.  I have the luxury of my home, which I love, and he does not.  Although I understand this, it doesn’t make me feel any less lonely.

Speaking of cats who are loves, my girl cat seems to be a little down herself today.  She has come in and spent more time with me than she normally does.  My boy cat, however, disappeared all day today.  This is pretty normal behavior for him.  He sleeps with me every night.  Since my husband hasn’t been here, the boy sleeps in between the two pillows and puts his paw on my arm.  He’ll stay there for hours.  When I finally wake, he’s moved over a bit and will still be sleeping in my husband’s spot with his head propped on the pillow.  Sometimes I think he was a person in a former life.


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