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Welcome October!

on October 1, 2011

Well, here it is October already.  Time has really flown this year.  I remember time moving so slowly when I was a kid.  Yet now, I look back and everything from earlier this year seems like a blur.  I never could understand when my dad told me to enjoy time moving slowly because its’ pace would pick up when I was an adult and I would be trying to find ways to make it slow back down.  I didn’t get it then, but I sure do now.

This month I’m going to think about getting my christmas gift list together and try to get started on purchasing some gifts so that I won’t be caught in the dreaded holiday gift-buying frenzy that seems to happen after Thanksgiving.  I work in a grocery store and I hate the holidays because of that frenzy.  After 18 years of working every holiday to ensure customers have every last thing they need to make their holiday a success, I tend to have a negative outlook.  In fact, I spoke with my mom yesterday and we both agreed that we adults in the family don’t have space or need for yet another gift.  We already exchange money or gift cards for birthdays and this year we want to expand that tradition to the Christmas holiday.  The only one I intend to actually shop for is my niece.  She’s almost a year and half and she is the only one who will appreciate something to open under her Christmas tree.

The rest of us will go in on a Prime Rib dinner with all the fixings.  Yum!  As you can tell, I like food.  A good meal is such an enjoyable experience.  My husband is a tremendous cook and like my father and brother, can out-cook any woman in our family.  He’ll cook the meat, I’ll make the potatoes and vegetables and my brother will come up with a new dip to dunk bread and/or chips into.  The meal seems to be the only part of the upcoming holidays I’m looking forward to.  I just don’t know whether or not I’ll be working Christmas day or not.  Either way, I’ll be home by dinner!

My husband is finally done working out-of-town and it sure will be nice to get back into our usual routine.  It’s amazing how comforting I find a routine.  I like the sameness of daily life at my house.  No big shocks, very little drama.  Just a nice cozy feeling.  I occasionally long for a change, but overall I prefer to know how my day is going to go when I wake up.  The only downside I’ve experienced when my husband has come home each weekend in September was sharing the bed.  I’ve gotten used to sharing only with kitties and now there’s a whole other body that I have to share with.  I sure did miss the companionship though.  All in all, I’m glad he’s back and hope it stays that way!


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