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Dreaming of Long Naps

on October 6, 2011

Well, I’ve returned to work and am shocked at how tired I’ve been when I get home.  I miss the naps I was taking over the last 3 weeks.  I just can’t believe how tired 8 hours (okay, 9 hours when you include the lunch hour) can make a person.  I’m exhausted.  I’ve been careful to not sit down when I arrive home.  Instead, I change my clothes and get on my treadmill to walk.  I’ve been warned not to run for 6 weeks, but I have to do something to counteract the 25 extra pounds that have snuck on over the past couple of years, so I walk.  It’s amazing how quickly weight can creep on and how difficult it is to get it back off.  I had lost a ton of weight about 7 years ago and I felt great.  However, it was so easy to slow down and even easier to eat the yummy food that my husband cooks.  I blame it on the potato salad.  My husband and I can make a fabulous potato salad.  Ah well, if I want to be able to wear a bathing suit next summer, I’ve got to keep it under control this fall and winter.  Enter salads and light dinners.

Each day, I’ve prepared a salad and a small sandwich for my lunch (and my husband’s lunch, too) and it has been really tasty.  Dinner consists of a small bit of meat and rice, joined with a salad.  I am done with the ice cream in the house though and I guess that’s a good thing.  If it’s not in the freezer, I can’t eat it.  Hopefully, I can do this “lose weight” thing without feeling too deprived.  Only time will tell.

As I wrote earlier, I’ve been back to work after a 3 week injury recovery and I’ve figured out that I really like my job, but I’m not so crazy about my boss.  He’s a very frantic person and just runs around in circles.  I guess the energy he expends shows that he’s very proactive about our business and is trying to inject the rest of us with his energy and to get us moving, but really it’s difficult to deal with when you’ve got your own work to accomplish.  I am a bookkeeper and my job consists with counting cash, setting up cash registers for the coming day’s sales, preparing deposits and reconciling yesterdays income and outgoing monies.  Really, I deal with money everyday, all day.  It doesn’t require running around in circles.  It requires detail-oriented concentration.  I’m dealing with someone else’s money and it needs to be done correctly.  I stand in a small room with no windows and no heat/air conditioning and as long as I’m left alone, I’m okay with that.  It’s when I get called out to make a phone call that someone else has already made because my boss can’t just stand still when someone is ten minutes late to work.  What makes a second call by a different person five minutes later than the first call for a ten-minute tardy necessary?  However, I’ve also found that it is easier to just whatever he’s asked.  It makes it easier on my working relationship with him.  It also wears me out.  Which brings me right back to the first sentence of this post.


One response to “Dreaming of Long Naps

  1. dogear6 says:

    How frustrating! I work with a crazy maker too – something goes wrong and the first thing he does is stress out, fall apart, then start pointing fingers. My peer works for him and I feel bad for her as she tries to resolve problems and keep him from driving the rest of us nuts as we work on whatever the latest issue is (I report to him on a dotted line).

    By the way – thanks for subscribing to my blog. I missed that somehow. I hope you enjoy my content. I write every day and it is my intention to share things that make you think, smile, and live a more full life.


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