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Eighteen Years and Dinner

on November 29, 2011

So tonight I decided that my husband and I needed a break from turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing & gravy.  I stopped by my local Chipotle restaurant and picked up a dinner bowl for each of us.  We tend to be creatures of habit and I selected the item we each always order when dining there.  I put our dinner in the fridge when I got home and then sat down to work on my cross stitch for the hour or so before my husband came home from work.  

After said hour, my husband arrived with a bag from Chipotle in his hand!  I started to laugh.  We had had no contact with each other today and we still ended up bringing home exactly the same thing.  I mean exactly the same.  The fact that I know his favorite meal and he knows my favorite is not the amazing thing to me.  It’s the fact that at 3am, when he left, he requested a “big salad” for dinner and instead, we both veered off course and selected the same eatery without any input from the other one.

This isn’t the first time we have experienced this, but it does make me wonder what this phenomena is.  Is it merely because we have 18 years of experience with each other and we know what a likely desire or response will be, or is there some sort of connection that has gotten stronger (to the point of mind reading) over those 18 years that allows us to read each other’s minds and have the same thoughts at the same time?


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