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My Newest Start

I finally dug out the cross-stitch kit I want to complete for my mother-in-law’s christmas present this coming holiday season.  Holy Cow!  It’s a 12 x 16 project, which is a little larger than I usually pick out.  I am feeling a little scared of the thing at the onset.  I looked at the chart and it’s a solid 12 x 16.  That means that every bit of it has a stitch on it.  Not one single square of it is blank!  If I calculated it correctly, it’s got 49,152 stitches to it.  I am already feeling pressure!  I figured it will take me approximately 6 months to complete.  I sat and stitched for a little less than an hour and this is where I got to…


As you can tell, it’s like a drop in the ocean!  Let’s hope I can complete this before christmas!


Updates from a neglectful blogger

Well, its been a month since my last post.  I have no excuse other than that life keeps getting in my way of pursuing what I enjoy.  Ah well, I suppose that is simply how it works.

I recently went to a seminar for a direct selling company that I am part of.  I have been feeling rather down on this sales approach – I don’t like to be sold to and so I find that I have difficulty trying to sell to others.  However, I do love the product and I really do believe in what I’m selling.  I went to the seminar hoping to find a refreshed sense of enjoyment.  I attended last year and found that I was inspired, but this year all I kept thinking was “Wow!  This is all sounding so sales-y!”  I did arrive home with lots of goodies and information on a new addition to the product line that will debut in March.  So, I am still up in the air about selling.  

I drove 85 miles to and from this seminar.  I brought along an audiobook to listen to while I drove to and fro.  The best thing is that I snapped a picture of my ride home.  

It was such a pretty sunset.  I encountered a TON of rain (not a nice mist, but a full-on torrential rain) both on the way there and on the way home, but by the time I had driven almost home I got to enjoy this view.  I know, I shouldn’t have grabbed my phone and snapped a picture while driving, but I didn’t want to miss it!

On the stitching front, I’ve set aside my Hydrangea Wreath project.  I did 2 little projects in the past couple of weeks.  I started and finished this little one with my desk at work in mind.

However, while I was stitching this at lunch one day, a co-worker saw it and said “Oh, You have to stitch me one, too!”  So, I’ve decided that I’ll frame this one and present it to her to post in her cubicle.

I also finished this one…

 And it’s all mine!  I loved this one and it went so quickly.  I started it on SuperBowl Sunday (I have no interest in football, so I always do other things while my husband watches games) and I finished it about two weeks later.  I’m still looking for the perfect frame for it, but I’ll post a finished picture when I find it.  I really liked the wavy frame surrounded the picture and my favorite thing to stitch was the little butterflies and bee “motions”.  The back-stitching on these elements give it such a feeling of movement and I’d like to stitch more projects that include this element.

Valentine’s day just past by, and while I received the prettiest bunch of flowers (I don’t like the traditional roses), the best gift of flowers I received arrived at the beginning of February.  My husband arrived at my work with a small packet of flowers for me – just because.  It was such a nice moment!  I came home and put them in the vase I have.  The next morning I came into the kitchen to find my cat, Princess, sitting on the kitchen counter admiring them.

In my house, cats are NOT welcome to sit on the kitchen counters, let alone on my cutting board, but I had to take a picture to share.  These flowers were so pretty, smelled really nice and lasted until Valentine’s day.  I was amazed at their staying power.  I’ve never had any flowers that lasted almost two weeks.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in between working every day.  I find that I am dreaming of vacation.  We have a mini-vacaton planned for July, but I want to schedule another vacation before then.  I am torn between going to Seattle, to visit my husband’s mom, and going somewhere a little more tropical.  I’ve never been to Hawaii and after a conversation with my husband’s boss, I got a commitment from husband that he’d agree to get on a plane and go there.  I don’t know if we could afford to go without digging into our savings account to finance it, but it’s definitely on my mind!


Driving can be Crazy

I went to work today in a different location.  The hour long drive was comfortable (I love my heated seats!), but a few of my road-mates were crazy.  It never ceases to amaze me how fast some people drive, and yet how slow others drive.  The speed limit in my area is 65 mph.  I am comfortable driving approximately 70 to 75 mph.  Some of my road-mates today were happy to blow past me at approximately 95 mph and yet others were happy to cruise along at approximately 55.

I have one more day at this alternate location, but I get to leave my house at 4am to arrive there on time.  I know that at 4:30, my freeway begins getting quite populated, so I’m hopeful that the half hour I have before that occurs will make a difference.  

While I’m on the subject of driving in my area, I’d like to vent about fog lights.  My car has fog lights, and I think they are a great addition, but I live in the desert and I’ve only had 1 occasion to use them in the past 4 or so years.  Each work morning I leave near 4:30, so I have to use my headlights on my morning commute.  However, I don’t feel it necessary to also hit the button that activates my fog lights.  They do not come on automatically, I have to actively turn them on.  Many of my road-mates, however, seem to think they can’t drive in the dark without turning on their fog lights and their headlamps.  I know that fog lights will give off more light closer to the ground, but come on people, do you really need to create more of a distraction for the people driving near you?  You are going over 70 mph in the dark and you really want to distract the people you are approaching at 70 mph?  Come on, it’s time to stop creating more distraction than necessary!

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Eighteen Years and Dinner

So tonight I decided that my husband and I needed a break from turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing & gravy.  I stopped by my local Chipotle restaurant and picked up a dinner bowl for each of us.  We tend to be creatures of habit and I selected the item we each always order when dining there.  I put our dinner in the fridge when I got home and then sat down to work on my cross stitch for the hour or so before my husband came home from work.  

After said hour, my husband arrived with a bag from Chipotle in his hand!  I started to laugh.  We had had no contact with each other today and we still ended up bringing home exactly the same thing.  I mean exactly the same.  The fact that I know his favorite meal and he knows my favorite is not the amazing thing to me.  It’s the fact that at 3am, when he left, he requested a “big salad” for dinner and instead, we both veered off course and selected the same eatery without any input from the other one.

This isn’t the first time we have experienced this, but it does make me wonder what this phenomena is.  Is it merely because we have 18 years of experience with each other and we know what a likely desire or response will be, or is there some sort of connection that has gotten stronger (to the point of mind reading) over those 18 years that allows us to read each other’s minds and have the same thoughts at the same time?

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Money Doesn’t Matter, So What Job Would I Hold?

Wow!  I love to daydream about this all the time!

Well, if money wasn’t an object, I’d love to take a job in a bookstore.  Not a Barnes & Noble type bookstore, but a bookstore like Vroman’s.  Vroman’s is a reasonably-sized, independently owned bookstore in the Southern California area.  I’d love to work there.  How could anyone not enjoy being surrounded by great books and being able to wear casual clothing?  I imagine that I couldn’t possibly replace my current salary and benefits package with that of a indie bookstore job, but if money wasn’t a consideration, I’d love it!

If credentials weren’t a necessity either, my second choice would be to work as a librarian.  I’ve always loved libraries and I suspect it would be really rewarding.  I don’t really know why I think that when every person I’ve seen working in my local library looks harried or bored completely.  They also aren’t quite as friendly as I’d want to be.  I often think that they must get tired of answering the same questions from what must feel like a million people each day.

My final choice is more difficult.  Again, I’m going with the idea that I wouldn’t need credentials.  I think that being a book editor would be fascinating.  Not that I’m a overly smart person, but I think it would be great to guide writers to put forth their best work.

I guess that since money does matter, I’ll stick to my day job.  It feels like it’s getting harder and harder every time I turn around, and I rarely feel a sense that what I did matters, but after 18 years, I’m fairly well-situated there and don’t really want to start over somewhere else.

Wow, that’s not a glowing recommendation for what I spend 40 hours each week doing.  Instead, I’d like to concentrate on what I ate for dinner.  I LOVE mexican food and just down the street is a fantastic restaurant.  I rarely eat there because I know it’s not exactly healthy fare, but I decided to treat myself today.  I went over there at lunch and ordered a two item combo and some chips with guacamole to round it all out.  It was so much food that I had half for lunch and am now sitting down to the portion I didn’t eat earlier.  Yum.  I really love a good tasting meal.  I think I’ll save enough room for some ice cream later.

I think I’m feeling a little lonely today.  It’s been 4 days since I’ve seen my husband, also known as my “People”.  With him working out of town and me not working, I’ve gotten a little cut off from the outside world.  I’ve got the cats and they are loves, but it’s not the same.  However, I do try to remember that I’ve got nothing to complain about.  My poor husband has been living 5 days at a time in a hotel room that barely has enough space to stretch in.  I have the luxury of my home, which I love, and he does not.  Although I understand this, it doesn’t make me feel any less lonely.

Speaking of cats who are loves, my girl cat seems to be a little down herself today.  She has come in and spent more time with me than she normally does.  My boy cat, however, disappeared all day today.  This is pretty normal behavior for him.  He sleeps with me every night.  Since my husband hasn’t been here, the boy sleeps in between the two pillows and puts his paw on my arm.  He’ll stay there for hours.  When I finally wake, he’s moved over a bit and will still be sleeping in my husband’s spot with his head propped on the pillow.  Sometimes I think he was a person in a former life.

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